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West German Auto Repair Services

Include but not Limited to:

BMW Repair, Porsche Repair, VW Repair, Audi Repair, SAAB Repair, Mercedes Repair, Volvo Repair for both major mechanicals and general maintenance.

Computerized service department.


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Pre Purchase Inspections

Buying a used German Made Car is the fun part, making sure it is great condition or at least “As Advertised” is the hard part.

Pre Purchase Inspections help you understand what's wrong with the car, is it an easy fix, is it normal wear or has the car been abused and you may want to stay away from it.

We inspect the car for unusual wear, try to locate problem areas, help you understand what it is you’re buying.  Then you decide if you want to make the purchase or keep looking.

This Pre Purchase Inspection Service can save you thousands of dollars by allowing us to catch a major problem before you commit to buying that car.Mini Cooper Repair

Minor maintenance items are rarely a problem and most people don't mind dealing with those, but major mechanical failures can create a major financial problem in your house and on your budget.

Let us help you purchase the right car, get a Pre Purchase Inspection before you buy.