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West German Auto Repair Services

Include but not Limited to:

BMW Repair, Porsche Repair, VW Repair, Audi Repair, SAAB Repair, Mercedes Repair, Volvo Repair for both major mechanicals and general maintenance.

Computerized service department.


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German Car Repair Specialist

Mercedes Benz Convertible.Porsche, VW, BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Volvo.

Specializing in German made cars helps you get a more focused and higher quality repair for the brand.  These cars are more complex than some, they require specific knowledge of their heritage and engineering.

Yes anyone can do an oil change, but sometimes mechanicals on the car can be complex, requiring specific tools, training and equipment.

Because we specialize in exotics with a focus on West German car but include other brands, it has allowed us to develop a deep knowledge of the cars.  Combine that with below dealer pricing, friendly service and you understand why we have been in business for so many years.

Specialized Knowledge:

Brakes systems have sensors connected to the computers in today's car, some wear indicators are electronic and not a simple metal wire.  You German Cars computer may need to be told it has new brakes and sometimes the wear indicators can be damaged during replacement.